$999.00 P/Y

International Film Talent Agency

Resources | ​Networking | Management |​​​​ Connecting Production Crew Talent with Industry Resources 



$1,500 Per Annum

$125.00 per month​

Are you working on a film or television project and are in need of production resources such as financing, film or tv crew, on-camera talent, vendor services or rare and hard to find resources such as pryotechnician, stunt double, and even political figures? Please sign up for our membership services. Additional resources include the following: 

  • Direct marketing of your facilities and/or production services
  • Rentals: Boats, Animals, Wrangler
  • Special Crew: Stunt Double, Drone Operator, EMT, Pyrotechnics, 
  • Special Vendors: Yacht & Boating, Translation Services, Private Chauffer for VIP
  • Private Security & Body Guard
  • Product Placement Vendors
  • Agents
  • Print & Advertising
  • International Crew Travel and Lodging
  • Financing, Packaging & Distribution

* This package provides you with 180 minutes of personal concierge services.


​$350 Per Annum

$29.95 per month​​

Are you in need of more job opportunities as a freelancer or network employee, are you looking to connect with financiers or maybe you are seeking an agent or manager? Perhaps you are looking for an expert to consult with you on your public profile and showreel. In any case, we will help you make direct connections. By becoming a member you will have access to the following resources:  

  • Executive Producers
  • Line Producers
  • Acquisitions Specialist
  • Human Resources Recruiters
  • Agents and Managers
  • Financiers
  • Personal introduction by email
  • Personal introduction by LinkedIn and Facebook. 
  • Social Media Job board group (private)

* This package provides you with 180 minutes of   personal concierge services.


$350 Per Annum

$19.95 Per Month

Are you an actor or an actress needing to connect with directors, casting directors, managers, agents or publicists? Perhaps you need assistance with your headshots, resume or showreel or access to casting notices. Wether you need to connect with executives or receive casting notices we will help you. This membership is run through our private social media Facebook Page. 

*Limited Memberships Available​​

This package provides 120 minutes of personal concierge services. Casting notices are sent through our social media platform. You will connect to casting directors, directors, agents and managers.


$180 Per Annum

$14.95 Per Month

Are you looking for crew job opportunities in your area? Join our private Facebook Job Board Group for access to job postings in NYC, Los Angeles, Atlanta and more. As we hear about job opportunities we spread the word throughout our job board on Facebook. Once you register, you will be sent a link to join our private group where you will have access to various job opportunities in your area.​​

*This package provides on-going services. Job notices are sent through our social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.